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The Documentary Film & Discussion Series meets at the Ashland Library, Community Room, every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:00–9:00 pm. The moderated discussions are often lively and thought provoking. All points of view are welcome. Admission is free.

“Black in Latin America: Cuba: The Next Revolution”

In this film Henry Louis Gates, Jr. explores Cuban history with a focus on race history and race relations in Cuba. In Cuba, Gates explores how the culture, religion, politics and music of this island are inextricably linked to the huge amount of slave labor imported to produce its enormously profitable 19th century sugar industry, and how race and racism have fared since Fidel Castro’s Communist revolution in 1959.

Throughout the film, Professor Gates focuses on these questions: Did the revolution abolish racism? Is there racism in Cuba today? Does Cuba repress the history and culture of black Africans in Cuba?